Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winterfest Rising

As I look forward to the remaining ten days of "vacation", I am drawn to viewing the myriad of resources that abound on the internet.  Never had I dreamed that so much content and variety would be available at the tips of my fingers as inspiration for my choreographic projects.  It's something like seeing a live performance of theatre, dance, performance of any kind really, and the effect that it has on the creative cells within me.  Something stirring from within calling out to be birthed, created, born anew.  When I see a great painting, hear a beautiful melody or watch a physical display of strength and dexterity, I become excited, alive in new ways.  Imagination spurned and ideas abounding, moments of creation sometimes occur in between activities, during sleep, and yes, even sometimes while driving.  When do you feel "inspired"?  What causes something in you to create a new idea, passage, shape or form that has never been?  And more importantly, how does one get the "idea" to translate into something of real and heart-pounding existence?  Such are the ideas that I hope to share and allow students to share with one another and with dancers and choreographers from around the world.

To quote a lyric from Rent (one of my favorite musicals), "The Opposite of War isn't's CREATION."


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  1. My inspiration has always come from music. When listening to a new song, I know within the first few bars that I want to dance to it, and the longer I listen, the more my idea develops. Feeling that perfect beat always gets my creative juices flowing .